How to design your baby’s nursery

Designing a nursery for your bundle of joy can certainly be a fun experience. However, it may also feel a like daunting task, particularly if you’re not sure where to begin. There’s so much to consider, from picking the perfect colour scheme to selecting beautiful textiles like curtains. Read on to discover how to design your baby’s nursery. 

Choose a specific nursery theme or style 

Whilst it’s not totally necessary to choose a single theme or style for your baby’s nursery, settling on one idea will help to create a more unified design and make designing the room so much easier. Some of the most popular themes for nurseries include bright florals, under the sea, and safari or zoo. One idea for choosing a theme is to think about your favourite places or your dream destination. You can then integrate elements of these places into the nursery using artwork, landmarks, or animals.

Consider your canvas before choosing colours for your baby’s nursery

Before you start painting the walls in any old paint colour, it’s a good idea to consider the room itself. Is it big or on the small side? Does it receive a lot of natural light or could it do with brightening up? When selecting colours for your baby’s nursery, it’s a good idea to assess the space. Small rooms benefit from light colours which make them look bigger and brighter. If you prefer bold colours but the room is small, you could consider a fun and adventurous accent colour.

Pick out textiles before paint

There are few things worse than clocking the perfect curtains or bedding for your baby’s nursery only to realise that they clash with your chosen colour scheme. So, rather than rushing in with your paintbrush, it may be best to select your textiles first. After all, there are so many paint colours available on the market that it should be easy to find a shade to match. 

Designing your baby’s nursery can be incredibly exciting, and it guaranteed to make your little one’s impending arrival feel very real. Take some time to choose the right theme, colours, and textiles for the room and create the perfect space for your newborn to spend time.

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