What to do if your baby hates baths

Instead of happily splashing about in the tub, does your baby kick up a fuss each time they take the
plunge? Then you’re not alone. Many babies scream at the sight, sound, and touch of a bath, leaving
them distressed and their parents frustrated. There are many possible reasons why your little one isn’t
taking to water like a duck. For instance, perhaps they’re cold, or they dislike getting their face wet.
Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make bath time less traumatic for you all.

Consider the air and water temperature

Babies get cold easily, so it’s important to make sure the room they’re bathing in is warm enough. If
you’re in the bathroom, try running the shower to steam up the room before bath time. Have
everything ready before you undress them so you can put them straight in the bath. Warm water is
best, with a temperature of 38C ideal. Any cooler and they’re likely to be uncomfortable.
Always check the temperature of the water with your hand before bathing your little one to ensure you
don’t scald them. When your baby is clean and ready to get out of the tub, wrap them up in a warm
and dry bath towel. There are so many super-cute personalised baby towels to choose from.

Hold your baby securely

Getting your baby into the tub without startling them can be challenging. Try resting their head on
your arm, placing your hand under their bottom, and holding their arm securely using your other hand.
This will allow you to slip your little one into the tub carefully without shocking them. Even when
they can sit up unaided, you should still hold them at all times. Whilst dipping underwater briefly
won’t cause them any harm, it can scare them.

Add toys

If your baby dislikes bath time, why not distract them with toys? Distraction is a fantastic bath time
strategy for displeased babies, with rubber ducks and floating boats likely to keep them engaged and
happy during tub time. There’s no need overspend on bath toys. Plastic containers can be just as much
fun as more complex toys.

Bath time for your baby isn’t always the relaxing and joyous daily ritual you imagined! However,
there are ways you can make bathing less traumatic for your little one, turning it into a fun and
soothing event that they eventually come to enjoy.

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